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A relatively new car mount that is becoming increasingly preferred among most drivers in the country has been given the name, GripGo. It can even be used to keep GPS devices and tablets in place. This cell phone holder is very different from others as it can be used to hold devices other than cell phones. Moreover, it is said to be a universal phone mount. You can use it in many ways. Some solid reasons why you should buy GripGo are given below.

Why I Think That You Should Buy GripGo

Being a universal cell phone holder, GripGo can be used to hold bar phones, flip phones and slider phones. No cradle or strap is used with GripGo. GripGo comes with a patented adhesive surface which grips and holds the phone. It is comes with a surface which has the capacity to grip around 20 pounds in weight in place. The implication here is that, under no circumstances will your phone slip and slide off GripGo.

What Makes GripGo A Lucrative Purchase?

The manufacturers of GripGo are so confident about its ability to hold cell phones that GripGo is provided with a 100 percent purchase price guarantee. If you feel that the product does not live up to your expectations, you can always return it and get your money back in full (within thirty days). So you really should buy GripGo.

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The dashboard and inner areas of the car happen to be the sources of dirt and this might be deposited on the pad. In due course of time, the phone pad will lose some of its grip because of the dirt. Just use a little soap and water and clean it from time to time to prevent this from happening. It is very easy to clean the surfaces of GripGo. Just hold the device beneath a running faucet for a couple of minutes. You will see that the water removes the dirt from the surface completely. Doing so will not affect the product in any way. After washing it, just keep it aside till it dries.

I think the reasons why you should buy GripGo should be pretty obvious by now. Buy Gripgo as soon as you can only then will you be able to avail discounts and deals. To buy GripGo is really economical too considering the fact that it is long lasting and very useful. So buy GripGo at the earliest. It is truly worth every penny that you spend.

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