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How To Sell Your Products On Television


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Want to give your credit card a little break? Advertising on television might be a great way to do this, but your product should be as good as seen on TV store. Home Shopping Network or QVC may be a long shot, but with the right product, the pay offs might be quite beneficial.     

How to sell your product on TV

  • Evaluate the benefits offered by your product. Can they be shown on television? Does your product solve any problems? Watch a few HSN (Home Shopping Network) and QVC commercials to get an idea about the kind of products that they advertise and its features.
  • For a HSN application, go to the official HSN website and select Vendor Information. For QVC, navigate to their official website and then click on Vendor Information from the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Fill out the application and include a brochure, catalog, a few pictures and/or a sample of your product before you mail it.
  • Be patient and wait. It may take a few weeks or even months before the companies let you know about their interest in your product. In case they are interested, they may require more information. QVC generally requires a sample for their second round of valuation. Generally, HSN requires at least 45 days for their staff to evaluate your product to see if it will be as good as seen on TV store. If the HSN merchandising specialists are interested in your product, they will get in touch with you and arrange for a meeting with their representative.
  • Look out for opportunities to meet up with QVC officials in a local qualifying meeting. The company often sends their representatives to different cities to examine local products that are available. This is an excellent opportunity for you to impress them with your personality and product.

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  • To get your product on air, be prepared to make some payments. This will depend on the feedback given by the HSN staff. On the other hand, QVC does not require any such payments.
  • Ask for estimates from different vendors on how fast you can ramp up the productions. You will need to prove that you can meet the supply demands to meet the large volume of orders through HSN and QVC.

This is how you can sell your products on TV. With a product that is unique and one that can be easily demonstrated on TV, you can be sure to make better sales.

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